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Save Kim Possible
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Welcome to Save Kim Possible
KP has been saved, but there is still more to be done.

Welcome to the original Save Kim Possible website! This site is dedicated to the elimination of Disney's 65 episode policy so that Kim Possible, one of the best animated shows on the Disney Channel, can continue to be produced and enjoyed by fans all over the world! And we are very proud that our efforts, combined with the efforts of countless KP fans, were enough to persuade Disney to order a fourth season.

It is our strong belief that having a policy of just 65 episodes stifles creativity in addition to originally preventing more KP from being made. That's why the Save Disney Shows movement continues to ask Disney to formally renounce this informal 65 episode rule.

We've always believed that a show's fate should be determined by the fans, not a "soulless" company. As long as Kim is popular it should continue to be made. And we invite everyone who enjoys Kim Possible to join our cause. A fight for season five may or may not happen in the future, but we hope to be ready for it should that time come.

This site is part of the Save Disney Shows movement, so be sure to visit SDS Main for more resources that are not in this section. Also, for day to day updates, news, and events be sure to join Our Yahoo! Group and the SDS Forum.

Print Save KP Flyers and help spread the word.

Send an email to Disney!

Statistics that prove KP's Popularity are available here. Please feel free to include this info in your letters, emails, and faxes.

View articles about KP's return in the SDS news section. We'd be happy to provide comments for future articles, just email us.

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